Manor Welding & Fabrication Ltd is a small family run company that is owned and run by husband and wife team Philip and Sally Roberts.
Philip started his working life as a farrier, training for 5 years and qualifying in 1982. After setting up his own business, Philip began working in and around Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire. It was while he was out working in Market Overton in Rutland he came across a small metal fabrication firm (HT Skins & Partners) in the forge in the village and decided to diversify and buy in to the business as one of the two partners was retiring and although still young enough to carry on the job he loved, Philip knew he couldn’t continue with that type of work in to old age.

HT Skins & Partners Ltd was incorporated in January 1990.
The original company had been trading for numerous years and at that time specialised in mainly agricultural repairs, steel gates and fencing and other small miscellaneous repairs brought in by local people.

The following year the remaining partner from HT Skins & Partners also retired and his wife handed over the books so Sally joined the business and became a Director, secretary and book-keeper.
The company remained in Market Overton until the end of 2001 by which time they had outgrown the small cramped workshop and they moved to larger premises at Manor Farm in Buckminster.

In January 2002 a new chapter in the life of the business began and the name was changed to Manor Welding & Fabrication Ltd.

Over the years the market has changed considerably and although they still carry out some agricultural repairs there are much fewer as a lot of farmers carry out their own repairs. These days Manor Welding make and repair almost anything metal.
For instance they carry out maintenance work for a large food distribution company and an industrial laundry, make up structural steelwork for local builders for new builds and extensions and also carry out more decorative work such as ornamental gates and ironwork, making and repairing park and estate fencing, designing and building skeletal animal frames for a local artist and they were also heavily involved in the manufacturing of a charity garden that won a Silver medal at Hampton Court flower show . They are of the opinion that if it is made of metal they should be able to make it, repair it or restore it to your requirements.

As well as being a qualified farrier and blacksmith, Philip is a fully qualified welder and has a very hands on approach to the business, visiting customers to discuss their requirements and sees the job right through to delivery and if required installation while Sally, who also works part time in a local hospital, manages the accounts. They currently employ one other fully qualified welder who has been with them (apart from two short breaks) for over 20 years starting with them as an apprentice, and they also have two new apprentices